From Bindu to Ojas

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Celebrating the Forerunner of Ram Dass Classic Be Here Now:

The “From Bindu to Ojas Box Set”

Bruce Harris and Ram Dass discussing the genesis of Be Here Now
At 5:30 in this 1973 radio interview Ram Dass confirms that 10,000 copies of the From Bindu to Ojas Box sets were made and given away by Lama Foundation.
Our Story

Our Story

This cover is unique to FBTO. In Be Here Now this is the first section with Ram Dass telling his story, which is our story.

Core Book

The second part, brown pages of Be Here Now.


The Cook Book, part three of Be Here Now.


3 pages with 16 quotes to a page. Instructions to cut right on them. The idea was people could put these meaningful sayings, around their home or altars.

Baba Ram Dass and Lama Foundation Posters

Posters of Ram Dass lectures from before and after the FBTO Box released. These posters are not included in Box, for here as a description of fundraising for the free Box.

I would like to build an FBTO Box Set

If you have some of the pieces of this Box Set (I have the Box, Record and Corebook already) and are interested in selling them please contact me.



Gracias, to all the people who contributed to making the From Bindu to Ojas Box Set & Be Here Now.
Also a big warm hug to those who  helped make this website happen….

Sri Neem Karoli Baba
Early Lama Foundation By Ahad Cobb  Thank you for the kind use of pictures from your book.

Rick Grunauer for his love of FBTO, scans of the content, and encouragement for this project.

Thanks to Flash and Victoria Casey for birthing this website with me. .