Likes to have fun

You can ask any person who has ever been a patient in the hospital, or had a family member in the hospital: You want your nurse to be serious. All good. I loved 1975-2018 working in the hospital. Being part of multi-discipline teams, bringing serious care, nursing skill, clinical expertise and with my mentors support; loving awareness and compassion in action. For my own stress management having fun, being creative (like this website) and being with people has helped me have the full experience of life. So I will gather a few pictures, videos, creative writing and in my big world view share a meditation on fun.

Did you know that I made the first Hospital Rap Song in 1987 after listening to Aerosmith and Run DMC?
Got a call from local TV News then they stopped by the hospital to interview me and a couple patients.

In 2017 at the Ram Dass Open Your Heart Retreat, Stephen Tyler came to meet Ram Dass, while he was there he heard me playing the Ode To Joy melody on the harmonium. Curious he came over and heard us singing the Hindi Hanuman Chalisa. He joined in with Diana and I toning the notes. He knew the melody from his Dad who was a classical musician. I gave him a harmonium lesson while he was there. He won the auction for it and took it home. He has had a tough year, wishing him peace and equanimity with everything.

Getting together with Ram Dass was always the full experience!

Traveling in India, with Ram Govinda’s creative touch!

In 1981, I did a 5 day Zen Sesshin with Sazaki Roshi, (this was not fun). There was a jikijitsu, a trained student, in the meditation hall who used a stick, if you were nodding off, or seemed to need some energy during the formal sitting practice. I sat very still and alert the whole time he walked around. After the retreat I felt inspired by my experience to write a poem about death. I sent a copy to my friend Stephen Levine, and he sent back this post card response. Fun city! Instructions on where to go on the Path of Death when leaving the body. When I learned Stephen had passed, I heard his voice in my Heart repeating, “Deathless.”

An Ode to Death
I see you walking by
With your black robes
You touch some with your stick
I see them bow before your blow

You walk quietly throughout the house
I forget sometimes your presence.

The pain of your touch brings fear.
I deny, bargain, feel enraged.
What happens after your blow I do not know.

As the days, months, years pass
We grow more familiar
As each one bows after your blow
The separation between us
Grows less and less
Our house is one house
In which we both dwell

Your gentle sweet caress
Is one I shall know directly some day
Because of my birth
Of this I am assured.

For now your nearness
Is much like my breath
And your quiet path
Echoes in my ear.
And to sing on stage with great musicians is always fun! The Carolina Famous Stillhouse Bottom Band.
“God Before Breakfast is better than Whiskey Before Breakfast.”
Almost every bluegrass, old-time musician knows the tune “Whiskey Before Breakfast,” just ask them. You can do this too. The team of the No Name String Band, the kirtan band Jaya and Vasu Jon Seskevich send out fun love with: Dona Nobis Pacem: Grant us Peace. Kyrie Elison Christe Elison: Lord have mercy Christ have mercy. From 2015 Mid-West Bhaktifest Madison, Wisconsin.
Universal Chanting, Jewelsong, Stephen Smith, and Eric Pritchard of the Chiompi Quartet.