Self-Relaxation Skills & Guided Practice

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The Duke Human Relations Department asked me to make 4 short videos for employees to learn self-relaxation skills and stress management. I would like to share them with you here. I once said to a patient who was a science professor who had had a profound experience with the technique, “I get concerned people won’t practice it because it is so simple.” He said, “It works because it is simple.”

A very practical way to view the question: What is stress and how does it affect you?
Step 1: Soft Belly Breathing
Step 2: Relaxing Your Muscles
Step 3: Short, positive thoughts
Chaplain Annette Olsen and I for years, organized a weekly meditation session at Duke Hospital for both staff and patients. Duke News came and did a video story.
A way to get some good rest. I imagined i was with a patient, who really needed to sleep. And i spoke with my most relaxing and soothing voice.