Holistic Healing Research & Publications

These are a few of the research projects and publications i have been able to participate in.

Research: 15 Minute daily meditation really helps! Brief Meditation Training Can Improve Perceived Stress and Negative Mood Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine; Jan/Feb 2007; 13, 1; James D Lane; Jon E Seskevich; Carl F Pieper

Research Results Indicate Benefit to Heart Patients DukeMedNews 10/31/2001 MANTRA Study, Pilot Results on Distant Prayer, Imagery, Meditation, & Healing Touch for angioplasty patients. Tracey Koepke

Oncology: A relaxation technique tool to help breathing. Relaxation Technique to Ease Dyspnea: A Tool for Oncology Nurses Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing April 2008 • Volume 12, Number 2  Cathy Glennon, RN, MHS, OCN®, and Jon Seskevich, RN, BSN, BA, CHTP

Helping Patients with Heart Failure Manage Stress Nursing 2005, Jon Seskevich, RN, CHTP, BSN; Helen Gabert, RN, CS, MPH; Ann Charles, ARRT, and Michael Cuffe, MD

Monitoring and Actualization of Noetic TRAining (MANTRA) Feasability Pilot American Heart Journal November 2001 Mitchell W. Krucoff, MD, Suzanne W. Crater, RN, ANP-C, Cindy L. Green, PhD, Jon E. Seskevich, RN, James D. Lane, PhD, Karen A. Loeffler, Thomas M. Bashore, MD, and Harold G. Koenig, MD et al

Washington Post and Reader’s Digest article on Breathing for Stress Management 2001. Carol Krucoff. Jon is featured on page 78.