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Ram Dass explains the origin of the title, From Bindu to Ojas: “Bindu is sexual energy and Ojas is spiritual energy and it’s the transformation of energy within the body through the conversion of a form of energy… it’s called the raising of kundalini.” – From Baba Ram Dass lecture at the Menninger Foundation, Journal of Transpersonal Psychology Vol. 2, No. 2 (1970)

From Bindu to Ojas
The Brown Pages of Be Here Now about 11 inches square.

From Nooruddeen Durkee: As we were working on the cover of the core book, FBTO, Ram Dass thought the mandala was too esoteric by itself, so he decided to add a kitchen chair to make the picture more understandable and easier for a person to relate to.

The words in the brown section come from lectures Ram Dass gave at the Sculpture Studio in NYC. A court stenographer voluntarily transcribed all the lectures placed the pile of paper in a box they went with Ram Dass to California. A curious rider asked about them, and asked if it was ok, to look through. RD said sure. Then over time and traveling to Lama Foundation, a team collaboration assembled these special pages.

Poster for the lecture series where the Core Book was transcribed.

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