Baba Ram Dass and Lama Foundation Posters

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There were no posters of Ram Dass included in the FBTO Box Set. This is a collection of posters for the time period of Ram Dass presentations before as fundraisers for From Bindu to Ojas and after the Box was released. What started as a “Yogi Text” became so much more!

The From Bindu to Ojas Box Set was a project of the Bountiful Lord’s Delivery Service at Lama Foundation. This poster was mailed to people across the USA announcing BLDS.
This is an example programs Ram Dass gave in California to share the Dharma and to raise funds for From Bindu to Ojas, as you see at bottom.
Ram Dass’ last US talk before returning to India while Be Here Now was being made.

At the bottom, we can see the Yogic Text From Bindu to Ojas identified.

Sita Lozoff shared this poster of RD’s talk at Duke in 1973 after Be Here Now was released.
A poster for the talks that were to become the brown pages of Be Here Now.

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