Stress Management Common Issues

Ram Dass and the teachers/teachings of Stephen Levine, Kubler-Ross, Mindfulness Insight Meditation, guided my career. Here is a synthesis I came up with from seeing and listening to 7 sometimes very sick patients a day in the hospital for stress management education for over 30 years as a nurse healer.

While reflecting on this nursing work, I identified the most common stress and healing themes i would hear from people. Learning about all this was my stress management education.

  1. There are changes in life because of health problems.
  2. Supportive listening needed, perhaps problem solving, or communication issues with family or medical team.
  3. “Waiting and not knowing.”
  4. Pain
  5. Grieving loss of health, loss of control.
  6. “The economy.” 
  7. Sick and tired of being sick and tired.
  8. Patient or family member is interested or motivated in health and healing promotion: Vital Quartet to improve quality of life and physical functioning so the person will do better with the medical plan.
  9. Wanting to learn how to relax and decrease worry.
  10. “How to live” with an illness?
  11. Needing to “catch your breath.”
  12. Personal stress cup is near full or overflowing, whether one thrives on stress or not.
  13. “Dark night of the soul.”
  14. “God is the best stress management.”
  15. Symptom management. (pain, fatigue, nausea, low energy.)
  16. Receiving support from others is difficult.

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